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Maintenance Cleaning

At Klean-It!, our goal is to provide our customers with high quality cleaning services. Our employees are professional, courteous and efficient. Klean-It!'s employees use a well-established cleaning system that saves time and saves you money.  Klean-It! will send highly qualified and discreet employees with equipment and supplies to clean your home or business.  You will feel safe and secure knowing that Klean-It! is licensed, bonded and insured.  And, our employees have passed a drug test and background check.  

Klean-It! provides a variety of services including:

Deep Clean

Klean-It! requires a deep clean for all new residential customers that want regular maintenance cleaning. We are now offering 30% off of the deep clean if you sign a maintenance cleaning agreement.  

Deep Clean includes:

•Dust and spot wash walls
•Clean interior doors and door frames 
•Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
•Clean mirrors and pictures
•Vacuum carpet
•Sweep and mop floors
•Clean kitchen counter, sink and facings of kitchen cabinets and appliances
•Clean bathtubs, showers, toilets and bathroom vanities 
•Clean glass furniture and entry doors
•Make beds (will change linens if clean linens are left on beds)
•Empty wastebaskets (if customer has an on-site garbage receptacle)

Scheduled Maintenance Clean

​Regular professional cleaning keeps dust and allergens to a minimum. We schedule maintenance cleaning daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to ensure your home or office stays clean.  Klean-It! has very affordable rates based on square footage.  Our prices are lower per cleaning if you schedule cleaning more often. 

Our Scheduled Maintenance Clean includes:

•Thorough dusting
•Vacuum or sweep and mop all floors
•Clean kitchen counters, sink and fixtures
•Clean bathroom vanities, toilets, baths and showers 
•Clean glass furniture and mirrors
•Clean glass entry doors
•Make beds (will change linens if clean linens are left on beds)
•Empty wastebaskets (if customer has an on-site garbage receptacle)

We ask that you pick up all clutter prior to the scheduled clean. If you want us to pick up for you, we will have to charge you an additional fee. We have a $30 minimum for excessive clutter. Clutter includes anything that is in a disordered state such as clothing on the floor, trash, toys and unwashed dishes.  ​

​If you have any questions concerning Klean-It!'s services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly employees will help find the best solutions for you.