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Why Choose Us?
At Klean-It!, we provide superior service.  With other cleaners, you may have encountered some or all of these problems:

Other cleaners don't take their responsibility seriously.  We know how important it is to you that we do a good job.  A clean appearance and fresh smell will make your home or business more inviting to family, friends and customers.  This is vital to the success of businesses.  Cleaning gives your property more visual appeal.  Your family or employees will be unmotivated in a dirty space.  It may seem feasible that anyone can clean; but if cleaning is done poorly, people may get sick.  

You may not trust other cleaners in your home or business.  Klean-It! is licensed, bonded and insured and employees must pass a background check and drug test for your safety.  Our employees also clean our own home.  We don't send someone to your home or business that we wouldn't want in ours. 

Other cleaners are not dependable.  Since most cleaning companies pay low wages, they send inferior cleaners.  At Klean-It! we pay more for trustworthy, hardworking and dependable cleaners.  Our cleaners take pride in their work.  We make sure our employees are fairly compensated for being responsible.

Other cleaners don't do a good job.  It is not worth paying for inferior service.  Don't accept inferior service. 

Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

We provide easy to understand estimates with no hidden charges.

We are discreet about your personal possessions and the contents of your home. 

​Cleaning helps prevent the spread of illnesses. 

Regular cleaning helps prevent allergy and asthma symptoms.

You will have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Special events will be easier and more enjoyable.   

We provide all of the cleaning supplies and equipment.

We use a proven cleaning method to minimize your costs.

Hiring a professional cleaning service demonstrates your concern for detail in your environment. 

Call Klean-It! at (276) 644-4035 today to discuss your cleaning needs.